Victor LandetaClaimed

Born in 1981
Getxo (España)
Bilbao (España)

Victor Landeta aka Aum. Bilbao, 1981. I´m an international painter and urban artist from Getxo trained in Fine Arts in Basque country and London. After living in London, where I combined my street-art interventions with my training in digital media, I moved to Berlin, where I made a prolonged residency at the iconic "Tacheles Art House", an icon of modern art in Europe in the 90s until it´s closure in 2012. Through my travels around the world, in which I find inspiration by mimicking its inhabitants, I have created my own pictorial style, marked by my ethical disposition and with a marked social theme and denunciation. I´ve been painted 14 segments of the Berlin Wall, including the "Nobel Peace Nobels" series, some of which are in the Schengen Museum of Europe, at the Jeanne D'Arc college on the outskirts of Paris, and at Berlin's FEZ children leisure centre, one of the largest in Europe. I have painted in 15 countries, on 6 continents, and my works are in collections in Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Zurich or Madrid. My work has been published in local, national and international press, as well as in different books such as "Where in the world is the Berlin Wall" and "Resistance and city".

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