Created on June 10, 2014
Via Trapani, 21, Chianchitta-pallio, Giardini Naxos ME, Italia
Emergence Festival - Flying Förtress is a talented German graffiti artist, designer and illustrator, working in several techniques, whose hallmark is the well-known Teddy Trooper figure. He was born in Munich, in 1974.
In the process of making something recognizable, the Teddy Troops were created, a concept of iconic status in modern art. After more than 10 years of pursuing this concept, Flying Förtress often finds himself bored and wanting to give up. This is a challenge for the artist, and by overcoming the difficulties, his work grows even bigger and stronger.
The artist’s name, even the Teddy Troops, they have their origins in war, but the artwork seems to be just joyful to watch, without any kind of negative context. Flying Förtress got his inspiration where one could think it is all dark.
Flying Fortress—UntitledFlying Fortress—UntitledFlying Fortress—UntitledFlying Fortress—Untitled

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