Hostel De Draecke, Sint-Widostraat, Ghent, Belgium

Hostel De Draecke

De Draecke Hostel is situated in the historic city centre, just 150 metres from Gravensteen Castle and the Graslei harbour. Take your time, because all the sights are within easy reach. It’s a modern hostel for groups, families and solo travellers who are looking for a comfortable and quiet place to stay in the centre of the city. Relax in one of the 30 comfortable rooms with an en-suite bathroom or take a break in the lounge or at the bar.

Various graffiti works can be found in the hostel. At the entrance you will be welcomed by a work of Bué the Warrior. In our one stairwell you can find works by Rim Chiaradia, in our other stairwell there are 2 beautiful works by Gustavo Nénão, thanks to the pleasant cooperation with Wallin'.
We hope to be able to expand this collection. Come and have a look.
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Hunted by Tim Marschang.

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