Created on March 3, 2023
Blekerijstraat 61, 9000 Gent, Belgium

We zijn Amal Gent

Made for this NGO that helps new people that their new future in Ghent. Language courses, information about integration etc. The hands that show some sign language, create the word AMAL. 
The way to see this mural: go to the gate at the Blekerijstraat, it's open during working days from 9 to 17h.
Cigarra—We zijn Amal GentCigarra—We zijn Amal GentCigarra—We zijn Amal GentCigarra—We zijn Amal Gent
Hunted by ferdinandfeys.
Pictures by art: Cigarra - pic: Ferdinand Feys / Street Art Ghent.

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KeywordsBest of Belgium 2023
Date created2023-03-03T23:00:00.000Z
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