Created on December 19, 2022
Pierre de Geyterstraat 1, 9000 Gent, België

Untitled (Flowers Blinde Muren)

This artist from Taiwan was invited by the neighbourhood committee to make this mural. To create his work, he exchanged several concersations with local people about their wishes. It was a long proces, taking more than one year untill the wall was finished early 2008.
The flowers are a typical element in the work by Lin. He also refers to the history from this street, where there used to be an old textile factory. Do look around to find this wall, as it is a bit hidden between al the little streets.

A project by: buurtcomité Wijk in de Kijker (Sluizeken-Muide) with support by De Nieuwe Opdrachtgevers and stad Gent for 'Blinde Muren'
Michael Lin—Untitled (Flowers Blinde Muren)Michael Lin—Untitled (Flowers Blinde Muren)