Created on July 29, 2020
Mageleinstraat 21e, 9000 Gent, België

#OMGVanEyckWasHere - Desencuentro

To see this one, you have to enter the little alley called 'Mageleinsteeg', there's an entrance in between the shops. This is the latest mural for the #OMGVanEyckWasHere project, celebrating the world famous 15th century painter.

You see of course Adam and Eve, characters that you can also see on the altar piece by Van Eyck. How they relate to each other here, is up to you to figure out. You could translate the title as 'mismatch'. As with many murals by Bosoletti, the work gets a new dimension if you take a picture and create a negative version.

This is what he had to say about his work: “At their altarpiece you have panels on the two outer sides with the figures of Adam and Eve. In a manner of speaking they embrace all other parts, which are very narrative and full of details and symbolic elements. You might even say that without the meeting of Adam and Eve, there wouldn't even be a story. I find that very fascinating and I extend it to our own lives: that all encounters we have, however small, can determine the course of our history.”⁠

Made for the Van Eyck year for Cultuur Gent.
Francisco Bosoletti, Bosoletti—#OMGVanEyckWasHere - DesencuentroFrancisco Bosoletti, Bosoletti—#OMGVanEyckWasHere - DesencuentroFrancisco Bosoletti, Bosoletti—#OMGVanEyckWasHere - Desencuentro

Hunted by Ferdinand Feys. Pictures by Ferdinand Feys / Street Art Ghent.