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"Making the shutters speak”

"Making the shutters speak” by Italian artists Vittorio "Vitto" Rossi https://instagram.com/vi.roux/ and Jacopo Riccò https://instagram.com/riccojacopo.zc/ at Via Canneto il Curto 25r, Genoa, Italy in March 2017 on the National Day of Memory and Remembrance of the Mafia's innocent victims.  Photos taken October 2021. Thanks to https://instagram.com/giulia_blocal_blog/ for identifying the artists. Check out her travel and street art blog. https://blocal-travel.com
Genoa  confiscated 96 properties from the Mafia. It is the largest confiscation in Northern Italy.  But leaving the buildings shuttered was missing an opportunity, thus the the idea "making the shutters speak."  Banners were hung on a dozen of the confiscated shutters with the message, inspired by Magritte, “This is not a shutter - a confiscated property is a resource for the community.”
Given the success, why not try to make these shutters "keep talking?" Now the shutters have a painting that sends a message to the passerby and to the city. - http://mafieinliguria.it/maddacinesca-e-non-solo-madda-le-saracinesche-dipinte-della-confisca-canfarotta/
'In a walk through the alleys of the historic center of Genoa you will come across painted shutters. They will say things like "A confiscated asset changes the face of the city", "it will illuminate you", "it opens up to beauty", "it moves the waters", "it is space for ideas" and if you visit them all by following the addresses on each of them it will be possible to discover that a confiscated asset can be and can do many other things. You may also find school groups intent on following the intricate path.' https://www.confiscatibene.it/blog/genova-le-saracinesche-parlano-e-raccontano-di-44-beni-confiscati-riassegnati
Unknown - Genova—"Making the shutters speak” Unknown - Genova—"Making the shutters speak”
Hunted by Mike Franks.
Pictures by @uclamikefranks.

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