Created on February 22, 2019
Fillak 4/CERTOSA, 16151 Genova GE, Italy

Mosaic Heart

By Alberta Parodi, Italian artist Gregorio Mancino d and friends at Via Walter Fillak near Via Campi, Certosa, Genoa, Italy in February 2019, 6 months after Morondi Bridge collapse. Photos taken October 2021.
'The "big wounded heart" of Genoa becomes a mosaic and a symbol of rebirth.
Inaugurated today the mosaic in Via Fillack "From the shards the great wounded heart of Genoa is reborn", the work of Gregorio Mancino in collaboration with Alberta Parodi and the inhabitants of the red zone of Ponte Morandi and the Friends of Rivarolo.
It is a symbol and a work of art: a very special mosaic, made with the shards of plates and glasses that belonged to the inhabitants of the red zone.
The idea was born from the collaboration between Alberta Parodi, pharmacist of Via Rivarolo, and Gregorio Mancino, an internationally renowned Milanese artist, who creates artistic hearts in the world and, as he says, goes "where help is needed and where I am attracted."
"We thought we could relaunch the city with this heart made of shards, which represents a rebirth - explains Greg - everyone has made available plates and glasses, already broken or broken on purpose. For me it is an identification with the need to recover: there is no going back now, but the city must recover ”.
"It is good for the heart to see it, we are satisfied, because we did it with passion and there are people who have recognized their pieces "'. -  https://www.lavocedigenova.it/2019/02/23/leggi-notizia/argomenti/cronaca-5/articolo/il-grande-cuore-ferito-di-genova-si-fa-mosaico-e-simbolo-di-rinascita.html
Gregorio Mancino—Mosaic HeartGregorio Mancino—Mosaic HeartGregorio Mancino—Mosaic HeartGregorio Mancino—Mosaic HeartGregorio Mancino—Mosaic HeartGregorio Mancino—Mosaic Heart
Hunted by Mike Franks.
Pictures by @uclamikefranks.

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