Created on October 7, 2017
Via Raffaele Rubattino, 66, 16126 Genova GE, Italy

Pylon 67 - "Metterci il becco"

Pylon 67 - "Metterci il becco" (Putting one's oar in) by Italian artist Fjodor Benzo aka NoideaS https://instagram.com/mrfijodor/ at Pylon 67, Strada Sopraelevata Aldo Moro, (near Via Rubattino) 16126 Genoa, Italy in October 2017 sponsored by http://www.garagepontedeimille.it/en/ for Walk the Line Project https://instagram.com/walkthelinegenoa/. Photos taken October 2021.

Thanks Fjodor for answering my questions: “I used outdoor paints and sprays ... Here is an article with details :-)  https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.riviera24.it/2017/10/street-artist-dimperia-a-genova-per-dare-un-volto-nuovo-alla-sopraelevata-268170/amp/
'The pillars of the "Aldo Moro" flyover will become like an open-air gallery more than 3 kilometers long. Walk the line is a journey through urban art, from street art to music, to the discovery of an unprecedented Genoa. The themes on which the 100 artists from all over the world will compete will be the sea and the relationship between the city and the port area. From the Old Port to the Lantern, passing through the west gate of the city, the project aims to affirm, through urban art, how the Sopraelevata represents a key place for reflection for a complete understanding of the city and its urban voids.' @perle_dei_caruggi
"... he began by making monsters with LEGO bricks and drawing on the walls of his bedroom." https://vagabundler.com/sprayer/mrfijodor/
Artist website: http://mrfijodor.it
Mr Fijodor—Pylon 67 - "Metterci il becco"Mr Fijodor—Pylon 67 - "Metterci il becco"Mr Fijodor—Pylon 67 - "Metterci il becco"Mr Fijodor—Pylon 67 - "Metterci il becco"Mr Fijodor—Pylon 67 - "Metterci il becco"Mr Fijodor—Pylon 67 - "Metterci il becco"

Hunted by Mike Franks. Pictures by @uclamikefranks.

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