Created on June 9, 2012
Sopraelevata Aldo Moro, 107, 16126 Genova GE, Italy

Pylon 108

By Guido Bisagni aka 108 https://instagram.com/108_108_108/ at Porto antico, Strada Sopraelevata Aldo Moro, 16124 Genoa (near Palazzo San Giorgio, 2, 16126 Genova) in June 2012. 
"Strongly influenced by both a post-industrial and post-punk aesthetic, the work of 108 is deeply indebted to the Ukrainian/Russian artist Kazimir Malevich, and the Suprematist tradition of geometric, non-representational compositions." - The World Atlas of Streetart and Graffiti by Rafael Shachter.
Artist website: http://108nero.com/
108—Pylon 108108—Pylon 108
Hunted by Mike Franks.
Pictures by @uclamikefranks.

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Date created2012-06-09T22:00:00.000Z
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