Created on March 20, 2021
Arthurs Lane, Frankston VIC, Australia

The Messenger

According to the artist, this mural tells a story of the last human on the planet after collapse of society. He will wander the the universe, forever a child, in an eternal sunset under evolving reverberating colours. The humpback whale (which is life size) carries the last link of interdependence between water, earth and air where most creatures used to exist. The bonsai tree contains the relative notion of time and space. 

Perhaps you have your own version of a story for this wall?  

Julian (@juliancla) was capably assisted by @refuz_paint which was completed for the 2021 Big Picture Festival. 
Julian Clavijo—The Messenger Julian Clavijo—The Messenger Julian Clavijo—The Messenger
Hunted by World Street Art Hunter.
Pictures by @worldstreetarthunter.

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