Created on September 17, 2021
Via di Caciolle, 5, 50127 Firenze FI, Italy


A mural that tell of a humanity on the way, of the desire and the possibility for anyone to change their life and redeem themselves.
Three wonderful murals that symbolize the humanity that makes a path that has the possibility of changing its path. The symbol that I find in this mural is the possibility of changing one's life and improving it. There are many themes and symbols within the work. An important sign, because this it is a place that for Florentines, and especially for those involved in social policies, has a particular significance for the activity it carries out. In this way, even the city passing by can become curious and know, and consequently give support to our population more fragile. "

The mural on the facade of Casa Caciolle shows a dedication by the artist Emilia Maria Chiara Petri which embodies the profound meaning of the works created:
"To humanity on the way, which cannot be confined;
to its complexity, which is not reduced in space
and predefined words.
In the feminine of each, in its many forms,
that always goes beyond the limits
to its possibilities of expression. "
Emilia Maria Chiara Petri—HumanityEmilia Maria Chiara Petri—Humanity

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