Created on September 14, 2020
Düsseldorfer Straße 41, Essen, Deutschland


Frau mit Rechen

In order to open up artistic and cultural values ​​to a broader public, to bring them closer to young people in particular and transport historical works of art into the future by means of urban art, Dr. Hans Riegel-Foundation has launched art project series "Walls of Vision".
Rotterdam based artist duo TELMO & MIEL have chosen and reinterpreted the famous historic artwork of Jean-François Millet „Frau mit Rechen“, which was realized at Düsseldorfer Straße 41. 
TelmoMiel—Frau mit RechenTelmoMiel—Frau mit RechenTelmoMiel—Frau mit RechenTelmoMiel—Frau mit Rechen

Hunted by Andrea Ranke. Pictures by Andrea Ranke (09/2020).