Created on March 26, 2023
Ieplaan 4, 2565 LL Den Haag, Nederland


The residents of the electricity house around the Ieplaan wanted a new painting opposite their home. The wish was something light and cheerful that would put a smile on your face. Artist William Rosewood has painted colorful tropical flowers crossed by circles where the colors change.

Roos van der West has written a poem inspired by the neighborhood, which has a lot of greenery and through which many people cycle on their way to the beach. Sign painter Zepp van der Spek has painted this text for the work of William Rosewood.


Laugh the trees to the forest
Dream the gulls to the sea
I count the tiles up to your door
Are you coming with me?
 William Rosewood—Poem William Rosewood—Poem William Rosewood—Poem William Rosewood—Poem
Hunted by Rob.

Marker details

Camera usedCanon IXUS 285 HS
Marker typeartwork
CityDen Haag