Created on February 23, 2023
President Kennedylaan 5, 2517 JK Den Haag, Nederland

Peace Mural

The woman depicted is Liberian human rights activist Satta F. Sheriff. She is founder and executive director of Action for Justice and Human Rights, an NGO that promotes access to justice and respect for human rights in Liberia. 

The other portrait is Boyan Slat, founder and chairman of the board of The Ocean Cleanup Foundation. Boyan is committed to cleaning up the plastic soup from the oceans. 

The project was realized in collaboration with UN Youth for Impact -One Planet-museon-Omniversum-Stroom.

Karski, Beyond—Peace MuralKarski, Beyond—Peace Mural
Hunted by Rob.

Marker details

Camera usedCanon IXUS 285 HS
Marker typeartwork
CityDen Haag