Created on May 4, 2024
Cambre, A Coruña, Spain


Any time is time.

The very time of death

it's time to be born.

no time is time

enough for science

to see, to see

time, setback

cancel each other out, but the dream

left to live.

“Any time” by Carlos Drummond de Andrade

Time is an uninterrupted journey towards the future, an invisible and immaterial entity that governs our existence. It is a process of self-renewal in a dialogue between physics and metaphysics, in a temporal relativity that makes the nature of its perpetual motion even more intriguing.

This piece intends to capture this movement, in a reflection on the relentless nature of time, incessantly moving forward, without ever stopping. It is time, fluid and uninterrupted, that confronts us with the ephemerality of life.

Ricardo Romero—“metamorfose”Ricardo Romero—“metamorfose”Ricardo Romero—“metamorfose”Ricardo Romero—“metamorfose”Ricardo Romero—“metamorfose”
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Pictures by @pedroguerra, @pedroguerra .

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Camera usedSony ILCE-7C
Marker typeartwork