Created on October 22, 2023
Fish Ln, South Brisbane QLD 4101, Australia


TASTE by MCRT Studio @mcrt.studio @explorefishlane 

Commissioned in celebration of Negroni Week in Fish Lane, the artists @MCRT.Studio, have distilled the taste of the Negroni into visuals. It features the core ingredients of gin like juniper and coriander, plus orange peel and lemon for that citrusy punch. There’s even a nod to the iconic orange net bag. The abstract shapes, vibrant colour palette of dark reds, oranges, and yellow shades, evoke Negroni’s complexity – look closely there may be a hint to Campari’s secret recipe. Info via @explorefishlane 
MCRT Studio—TasteMCRT Studio—Taste

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Marker typeartwork
CityBrisbane City QLD