Created on August 17, 2020
Tuinzigtlaan 22, 4814 JE Breda, Nederland

De vlucht uit Breda

Artwork created for Blind Walls Gallery in collaboration with Brabant Remembers.

Blind Walls Gallery: "When Nazi Germany invade the Netherlands in 1940, former mayor Van Slobbe initiates a large-scale evacuation, better known as "De Vlucht" or "The Flight". Evacuation has alway been a much discussed topic. On the day of the evacuation, 50,000 Breda residents have to leave their homes. They leave in groups to the south on different routes. Cargo bikes, farm carts and prams are stuffed to take as much stuff as possible.

A group of refugees has to hide in the ditches, when they find themselves in a line of fire between the French and the Germans. Forty people did not survive the attack. Another group continues to Sint Niklaas (Belgium) and looks for safety at a primary school in the village. Willem de Kok, along with his heavily pregnant wife and five children, is one of them. They arrive at the school at the same time as a man and his donkey. The animal protests firmly and does not want to enter the school. Willem takes no risk and he and his family seek shelter elsewhere. Not much later the school is bombed.

The evacuation causes a total of 104 victims. Afterwards, it turned out to be unnecessary. Breda was taken by the Germans without firing a shot. 

TelmoMiel were inspired by the story of Willem de Kok. The girl with animal ears and flowers is a symbolic reference to De Vlucht."

Telmo Miel—De vlucht uit BredaTelmo Miel—De vlucht uit Breda
Hunted by Rian Nijssen.
Pictures by Rian Nijssen ( @riannijssen ).

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