Created on January 15, 2020
Stationslaan 2BIS, 4815 CK Breda, Nederland

The Cosmic Order

This mural is a modern take on the 14th century fresco ‘Allegory of good and bad government’ by Lorenzetti. The main character is “Ben Commune”, The Common Interest. Around are the six virtues and on the left is Lustitia, justice. Lustitia is looking up to Sapientia, wisdom. The position is based on the painting of Lorenzetti, but the starting point is the position of the lights in the ceiling. The positive figures lights up in the evening. The idea is a cosmic order, which emphasises the importance of the depicted values.
- Blind Walls Gallery | 2017 - 
Derk Thijs&mdash;The Cosmic OrderDerk Thijs&mdash;The Cosmic OrderDerk Thijs&mdash;The Cosmic Order

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