Created on July 27, 2018
12 Rue Maryse Bastié, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France


The art of portraiture has no more secrets for Hendrik Beikirch alias ECB. Fall in love with graffiti when he discovered a photo of New York in the 80s on which a subway car is covered with Lee's “Stop The Bomb” graffiti Quinones, he finds in “graffiti” a new form of expression and freedom. Influenced by Richard Serra's relationship to space and realism as much as Gerhard Richter's abstraction, the German artist delivers authentic or imaginary portraits that make up so many mirrors of society. These characters, made all the more fascinating by their anonymity, the reduced color palette and the striking contrasts that characterize his style, underline the vulnerability of the man, while the scale of these works invites the viewer to consider the relationship. which binds the individual to society. Their looks and postures tell a story. Internationally known, ECB's works roam the streets of Europe, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia, as well as those of China and Russia.
Hendrik ECB Beikirch—ECB
Hunted by Amziane ABID.

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