Created on July 27, 2019
45 Rue du Camp de Droite, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France

Jan Is De Man

The universe of Janis De Man is rich in surprises. If many artists identify with their style, the Dutch graffiti artist likes to surprise and vary inspirations and techniques. Trompes l'œil, portraits, landscapes, “graffiti”… Janis De Man offers a multiple work around a unique talent that has been expressed on the walls of Europe since 1997. One of his latest creations to date, an immense library bringing together the favorite books of the inhabitants in Utrecht (Netherlands) and produced with Deef Feed, has made a lot of talk. Able to create on the walls of the street but also inside homes, Janis De Man likes to involve the inhabitants to create an original work that everyone can make their own.            
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Janisdeman—Jan Is De Man

Hunted by Amziane ABID.