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Grapille de Battant, Besançon, France

La propriété

Far from the idea of decorating the city, Escif sees his murals as pretexts for exchanges. The context is for him one of the essential ingredients, the imagery that emerges above all, at the service of the dialogue that he wishes to engage with the passers-by. For the first festival edition, Escif realized this painting titled "La propriété", just a step away from the birth house of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, "father of anarchy" born in Besançon. Multiple interventions, erasures, tags and throws of paint contesting this reference or the painting itself follow.
Project created within the scope of the “1st Bien Urbain Festival edition”, September 2011
Escif—La propriété Escif—La propriété Escif—La propriété

Hunted by Bien Urbain. Pictures by David Demougeot, Élisa Murcia-Artengo.