Created on April 11, 2022
Prinzenstraße 84.1, 10969 Berlin, Duitsland

Dias de Ira

 Tribute to HELIOS GÓMEZ, also known as the "artist with red tie", was an anti-Franco unionist, painter, poster artist and Spanish Roma (gypsy) poet , representative of the artistic avant-garde of the early twentieth century. His art was supporting and giving light to the press of the time and for this reason he was persecuted not only in Spain but also in other European cities. In Berlin he was able to meet Irá Webber, whom we know even less about, but who played an important role in connecting Helios with the activist and artistic world in Berlin. In this mural I wanted to pay homage to Helios and Irina, inspired by the drawing on the first page of the famous notebook illustrated by Helios in Berlin "DIAS DE IRA" 
Conse—Dias de IraConse—Dias de IraConse—Dias de IraConse—Dias de Ira
Hunted by Tim.
Pictures by provided by the artist.

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