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Street Art Cities and StreetArt Bergen have join forces to give you the Street and Urban art map to Bergen.

The urban art in Bergen consists of more than 90 active artists at any given time (2023). Our artists do work in most if not all genre, manners and styles. And their activity stretches from illegal at night to legal as well as commissions at day. It is a unique mix of art and interactions with the public. And the city loves it. More than 95% of the population digs graffiti, street and urban art.

What is unique with our streets is the vast number of stencils. So when u do the walks u should keep a good eye to lower sections of buildings – there might be a stencil just where u are standing. No lye – but back in the day before he became famous, Banksy did his gig here in Bergen. But even before he arrived like turn of the century, Bergen was swinging with street and urban art.

The face in the posting here is StreetArt Bergen’s logo. As you will see when u dive into the map there are several spots on the map where this logo is present. This represents the legal project StreetArt Bergen has undertaken. This range from stand-alone features to huge massive projects where more than 13.000 m2 (140.000 ft2) has been painted in one project. Pr 2023 our projects have painted more than 30.000 m2 (+320.000 ft2) of street and urban art in and around Bergen. On the map these projects are marked with a droplet and our logo as first picture. Then there are collective pictures of the project, often followed by individual posting of a work and the artist who made it.
In one of the projects we were handed the master key to a full functional and operational school. The artists could enter at any time and do their stuff. We had the key for 8 months. We later discovered that the profile/foundation of the project (i.e trust and key) was unique on a world wide scale. The school - outside and it’s inside - looks like a gallery. It’s awesome. It can be found in Kleppestø on Askøy, just outside Bergen.

As the map is building both on a daily bases but also historical since there are thousands of pieces of art in Bergen to be covered. Tell u the truth: There is no individual that has the total overview. We do our best. So if u find one that is not on the map u could contact us – it might be one that we don’t know exists or it is just one of the many we have not been able to put onto the map. Contact can be made on this platform or on FB.
And as with any art found in the streets - some times decaying takes a tole, things get painted over or some times even "stolen" from the streets.
There are two FB walls that follow what’s going on in the streets of Bergen. It’s StreetArt Bergen – i.e. our platform and there is Gatekunst i Bergen. Both are on Face Book – and only on FB.
StreetArt Bergen is a chronological posting of what has been made in the streets. Runs back to aprox 2017 when it was established and covering what was in the streets at the time. It is run by two nerds, often out at night when things are being made, holders of press card (source protection i.e. source confidentiality – i.e. police can not touch us as we cover the event), we know most artists in town and we run legal projects. We hardly let anyone else post on our FB wall – reason is that we most likely have seen it all, so have our followers, we want to keep it “clean” and chronological.

Gatekunst i Bergen is a wall where everyone can post what they find – it is new to person who sees it for the first time even if it was painted five years ago, run by five nerds, does not hold press card, do not run projects, lots of hunters post and so do “regular civilians”.

Be aware there are commercial interests trying to piggy back on the work these two platforms are providing.

Be advised – put on good walking shoes and we suggest you do section by section. It’s a huge area to cover and a lot to see – we know.
Good hunting!
StreetArt Bergen

For Gatekunst i Bergen
—The Colab
Hunted by Øistein Jakobsen.
Pictures by Øistein Jakobsen.

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