Fjøsangerveien 36, 5053 Bergen, Norge

DPS Kronstad - The Colab

A StreetArt Bergen Project.
DPS is a psychiatry ward / hospital. Back in 2017 we did a handshake which was the start of a structured, long running project of painting street art on the walls inside. The project has been a success beyond what we had expected. As of now we add two new pieces every year. First step is to pick an artist either from within our own community here in Bergen or ask someone from elsewhere if they would like to paint. To be accepted the artist has to come up with a sketch, then this is the bases for a final approving by relevant professional capacities. An important proceeding since some of the pieces are placed within closed wards.

Some of the works you may see if you visit the place during the day. Most of the art - well you have to have a good reason to get behind the closed doors. You might be in "the business".

The project is a colab between DPS Kronstad and StreetArt Bergen.

In addition - on the outside u will find several stencils which is not part of this project ;) 
—DPS Kronstad - The Colab—DPS Kronstad - The Colab—DPS Kronstad - The Colab
Hunted by Øistein Jakobsen.
Pictures by Øistein Jakobsen.

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