Created on April 6, 2019
44 Bridge St E, Benalla VIC 3672, Australia


Translating to "One minute on stage, ten years of hard work off stage", this artwork for Benalla's Wall to Wall Festival 2019 highlights the immense amount of time and effort that goes into honing one's skill for a moment of brilliant performance that lasts for a moment.

From the composition of this wall you can see the two sides of a painter. That painter is me. I want the painting to interpret the difficult trials I had faced in the past four years, from having a low comprehension of everything to have the opportunity to draw my own masterpieces in Melbourne. This is a milestone that I have never imagined since the beginning, because it is neither simple nor conventional to nurture the survival of this art in a place like Sarawak. It is a fantasy come to life! I am desperately creating art works and paintings, entirely for my family, friends, and guests to see my growth and affirm the value of art.

In May 2015, I officially became a full-time artist. At that time, I was able to develop this industry with all my strength and motivation till I became the first person to be a full-time muralist! Since this path, I have relied on the guidance of no mentor to improve my own deficiencies. I improve mostly by self-study or observing or listening to other art workers and friends on what they do differently. The guidance of no mentor does go a long way, because it takes a lot of martyrdom, but the martyrdom experience of different customers, the pressure of the media, the expectations of parents, the source of economy, and etcetera are necessary.

These are the perseverance and persistence of each painter, and the so-called ideas determine the solutions! I enjoy the process of painting every time. Although my body is exhausted, my heart is always fulfilled and satisfied! The audience of my murals may just spend a few minutes watching the experience and taking pictures, but each piece is the result of how many twists and turns the painter has experienced. This is also a Chinese expression that is defined as the one-minute on-stage performance that is worked for ten years off-stage.

Hunted by Briggs Jourdan.
Pictures by MovieScientist, Briggs Jourdan.

Marker details

Camera usedCanon EOS 200D II
Date created2019-04-06T13:00:00.000Z
FestivalWall to Wall 2019
OrganizationJuddy Roller
Marker typeartwork