Route in Antwerp

Street Art in district Deurne

In the "Kronenburg" neighbourhood near the biggest music venue of Belgium you can do a little walk and enjoy a dozen artworks by local and international artists.

The challenge
 17 artists. 9 walls in the Kronenburg district in Deurne. 1 theme: "Crown Jewels". 
 Each with their own style, the 17 local and international artists have expressed their perception of the "crown jewels". 
Admire work by local artists such as Links One, Lazer and Bird from Deurne. Smok, Kanter, 2 Dirty, Tuzq, K.shit, Joachim, Flash, Nefast and Wilson come from further on in the province of Antwerp. 
 Mark Gmehling even came from Germany to participate in the project.

Organised by Arno Arnouts who is the godfather of graffiti and street art in Antwerp.
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