Created on October 7, 2022
Grotesteenweg 55, 2600 Antwerpen, België

Hide & Seek

On this narrow blindwall you see a little boy  tucked away in the corner. Is he playing a game, is he crying because he's punished?
This little fella is sad because he can't or isn't allowed to play in the street. He's ashamed of what is being decided around him (politics) or ashamed of what's going on with this world (war, Climate Change, corruption,…) on the other hand, maybe he's just playing hide and seek… who knows??

Part of the 'fake Views' project where several trompe l'oeil artworks are created to play with our minds....
SMOK—Hide & Seek SMOK—Hide & Seek
Hunted by Tim.

Marker details

Camera usedOnePlus IN2023
Marker typeartwork