Created on December 31, 2020
Pass. de l'Île, 74000 Annecy, France

Your voice is a weapon

On one of the shutters of the Café des Arts. The iconic portrait of Frida Kahlo convey a strong message, in rebellion against the disease and machismo of her time, which the title of the work confirms (as well as the small feminist logo placed on the megaphone), but Falco adds disruptive elements to it: the megaphone is only a derisory signaling pad and Frida wears on her top a "circled A", a symbol of anarchism that appeared in the 1960s. All these elements contradict each other : everything is relative, the Truth does not exist.
Falco—Your voice is a weapon
Hunted by Michel Racine.
Pictures by Michel Racine.

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