Created on May 14, 2022
Carrer Mancomunitat, 1, 17538 Alp, Girona, Spanje

Escola BAC La Cerdanya

"I have thanked you many times for everything you have given me this week but I will do it again and I will be short. This week has been intense with emotions but also with peace, which I needed more than I could know. La Cerdanya was an unknown place for me, and I assure you that it is one of the most beautiful places I have painted. Children grow up with nature and the environment is beautiful whatever the time. It's been a disconnect and a non-stop love from everyone. Thanks to the teachers for everything you told them about me and my work to the children, I felt like a super star all week, signing shirts and seeing those excited faces at playground time. I made you a mural, but what you gave me is indescribable. You have treated me like one more member of the family at your beautiful school. Thanks to the team of teachers, the City Council, the children and especially Joan for thinking of me to commemorate the school's 50 years. I will miss you very much." shares the artist on socials
Lily Brick— Escola BAC La Cerdanya