Created on September 15, 2022
Hobrovej 46, 9000 Aalborg, Denemarken

Heart is Aching

Case's second wall in Aalborg, painted while preparing for his soloshow at Kirk Gallery

"Not sure you have ever prepared for a project that means a lot to you, but so do a thousand other things. Needed a reminder on how to cheer myself up that’s why I painted the amazing artist Curtis Hylton. Looking at a friendly, familiar face while painting is a real help! Thanks Curtis. Hope the little smile on his knee will cheer someone else up, that needs a quick reminder on how silly life is, no matter the heartache.
Can’t wait for “taking it easy days” to come."

Case Maclaim—Heart is AchingCase Maclaim—Heart is AchingCase Maclaim—Heart is Aching
Hunted by Tim.

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