Sofie A.F. De SmetClaimed

9860 Oosterzele (België)

Take Us Home, November 6th, 2021 "When you are ready, the spirit world will show you things others do not yet see." The overwhelming evidence that we are not alone in the universe has been a state secret for more than 70 years. It has been covered up and ridiculed, yet now it can no longer be ignored. Besides the fascination for their advanced technology (after having been personally confronted with phenomena I could no longer explain with the 'normal'), I've started to wonder who these extraterrestrials are, and what they are doing here. And it brought me to create this particular art work, which I called 'Take Us Home'. 
Whether or not you are currently working on your own expansion of consciousness, on a subconscious collective level we all know and feel that there is a major shift taking place in the world that goes far beyond the known. And several other disclosures will accompany this Collective Awakening furter along the way. It is exactly why people now feel and experience so much fear, conflict, illness and worry alongside a fast expanding and more deepening extent of compassion, love and a wish for unity at the same time. It is all about choosing the latter once and for all, to rise up into a higher vibration of consciousness and to stay in this higher Light frequency, away from all the dense dominant outworn 3D structures that the world has been forcing and applying to us for centuries. These derailed systems need to finally fall apart, in order to create a new world, based upon Freedom, Unity and Love for all. Slowly but steady, we are building that world. "When you realize that other dimensions exist, you'll never think of life, death, yourself or the Universe in the same way." Yet, as human beings we have accepted for many centuries that someone or something is always in control of us and that this will always be the case. Now is the time to let go of these outdated social constructs, and to become more conscious, sovereign and free once again. In fact, it might even be what these higher dimensional beings from other worlds are coming to teach us. That we as human beings can be and are more than we think possible. We are energy, and energy is everything; the truth for this lies in the stars. With this work I kindly invite you to be open to Interplanetary Contact. You can read the full explanation of this work on my website through clicking the link. Enjoy! Sofie A.F. De Smet

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