Born in 1984
Madrid (España)
Madrid (España)

Sea162 was born in Madrid in 1984. At the age of 14, he discovered graffiti and began to use public space as a playground, contributing what he likes the most: painting. It was graffiti that motivated him to travel, study, meet new people and expand his creative possibilities, applying all this to develop his personal style, inspired by the Wild Style. In 2005 he began to do commissioned work, and decided to dedicate himself to painting professionally. Little by little he gets closer to nature, being his greatest source of inspiration, which connects him with his most spiritual part. He began to combine the murals with the environment that surrounds them, giving the work the same importance as the landscape of which they formed a part. Experimentation is the basis of Sea162’s research. It helps you discover new ways of expressing yourself through different supports, techniques and materials to convey your ideas, in relation to the context and the place where they have been created. A personal world that mixes geometric, organic and cosmic elements, with a great influence of its main origins, nature and graffiti. Currently, it continues to investigate the resources that nature offers us to be able to play and express our ideas, trying to generate the least impact on the environment for its production.

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