Maarten DenaeyerClaimed

Born in 1992
Leuven (Belgium)
Leuven (Belgium)

Inspired by the captivating forms of everyday life, Maarten De Naeyer (b. 1992, Leuven) creates abstract graphic works that captivate the viewer. His artistic journey began after he obtained his master's degree in Graphic Design in 2015. In his quest for aesthetic beauty and compositional tension, Maarten embarks on a path of constant experimentation with shapes and textures. This ongoing exploration in his studio has led him to develop a unique artistic style that balances geometric and organic forms, creating a harmonious interplay within textured environments. The deliberate inclusion of negative white space in his compositions adds depth and allows for a dynamic dialogue with the shapes, amplifying the visual impact of his art. Maarten's artistic practice is greatly influenced by renowned artists such as Ellsworth Kelly, Robert Motherwell, and the Belgian artist Jan Yoors. Their creative expressions serve as significant sources of inspiration, informing his artistic process and expanding his creative horizons. As Maarten continues to evolve as an artist, he has ventured into the realm of three-dimensional work and embraced experimentation with various materials. However, the consistent thread that runs through his artistic endeavors is his unwavering commitment to creating thought-provoking and visually engaging abstract artworks. Through his captivating compositions, Maarten De Naeyer invites viewers to embark on their own journey of exploration and interpretation, immersing themselves in the world of shapes, textures, and the interplay of positive and negative space.

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