Chiara Frei, aka KLER, was born in 1988 and grew up in the orderly chaos of her father’s graphic design studio, which trained her as a designer in close contact with art, making her a keen observer of the world around her and educating her aesthetic sense. KLER is curious and always looking for new creative inputs, she loves to travel, discovering new places and people. During her trips she is engulfed by the world of Street Art, which soon becomes a fundamental part of her life. For KLER, street art is all about freedom and sharing. Inspired by the events and people she meets along her way, KLER captures ephemeral moments and fleeting emotions, achieving a meditative state while painting. She is meticulous, precise and always caring about details. KLER’s artworks are not simply murals, but visual statements about the complexity of human existence. Sending subjectively interpretable and sometimes veiledly provocative messages, she invites the public to experience a moment of introspection. KLER’s artworks can be seen in Belgium, France, Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, England, Spain, Brazil, Chile and Switzerland.

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