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Born in 1982
10600 Plasencia (Espa√Īa)
C√°ceres (Espa√Īa)

Brea (1982), engraver, muralist and graphic designer. He began painting graffiti in the streets of Plasencia in 2000, he was always attracted to the most artistic aspect of urban art, focusing little by little on the realization of works increasingly far from traditional graffiti until he reached muralism and street art.In 2009 he enters in parallel in the world of graphic work. He received his training at the Eulogio Blasco School of C√°ceres where D. Pedro Valhondo awakened his interest in engraving, work in the workshop and the most traditional techniques of graphic work. In the works we find symbolism and criticism; Passion for nature, traditional culture, history, curiosities, myths or science. Perform the work with thoroughness, details and technique are very important and have a lot of weight in the final result. "Getting the message across and doing it consistently is very important to me. Technique and work are the tools I use." He currently lives in C√°ceres where he develops his graphic work in his workshop "La Grabera" and has his muralism and design studio "Acuadros Creativos".