Carlos AdevaClaimed

Born in 1974
Toro (España)
Toro (España)

Toro (Zamora) 1974. From 1991 to 1993 I studied at the School of Plastic Arts in Salamanca. During the following years, from 1993 to 1996, my training was completed in Paris, I regularly visit the most important museums where, apart from seeing, I draw the pieces of art that are in them, I think that for me it was vital and extremely important. importance because I was learning the techniques of the great masters just by observing them. I could define myself as self-taught but I don't consider myself to be anything like that since there are many painters and styles that have taught me. Specialist in Wall Art and Medieval Art. Since I was little I have always been attracted to history and art in general. Being born in a city with history and art that Toro treasures, it was easy to be trapped and fascinated by medieval art. Immediately I was getting hold of an important library on medieval art and learning all the plastic currents of which it is made up, being the mural paintings its greatest exponent. I have always been dedicated to art, in one way or another my relationship with it has been practically since I was a child. It has become my way of life and my only job, it has not been easy nor is being able to do it, I believe that the basis has been to never give up and fight for that dream although sometimes the situation is on the edge and makes that dream impossible. Since 2019 I have my studio in Toro, Zamora. I constantly develop artistic techniques to encourage innovation and improvement of visual products.

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