Born in 1984
Napoli NA (Italia)
Napoli NA (Italia)

Born in south Italy, among a volcano and the sea. Literature was my first girlfriend and when I pretended to go to university I did it with her. Then I left her for the cinema. I still love letters (especially F and K), but I am more comfortable with images. From that moment on, I knew I would use photography to write my poems. In fact, the photographic technique itself did not really captivate me until I started to print and use my portraits in the street. From this point of view, my relationship with photography is in full metamorphosis. The street photo, as with all art made in public space, is a deviation in people's lives, an accident that interrupts the everydayness of the gaze by imposing a change in perspective. It doesn't matter what the person who comes across my work in the street thinks, it matters that the subject in front of him or her imposes itself as a question. What I do is a need. Growing up is inevitable but forgetting to play is a destiny I cannot resign myself to and art is my way of not stopping. Making art and doing it in the street is my way of playing, with life and with the world, its beliefs and conventions. What I do has something childlike about it, it is animated by an instinct to play that is in the world like a builder of sandcastles by the sea: he creates, the sea destroys, he creates again.

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