Born in 1972
Valencia (España)
Valencia (España)

I am Barbiturikills, a lady who paints in the street. I say lady because when the police catch me they tell me: “Lady! What are you doing? " My leitmotiv are the pink bunnies, acid and loving characters. A graphic resource that allows me to be very expressive and makes it very easy to recognize my work in the street jungle. I studied Fine Arts from ’90 to ’95 but although I was always interested in large format and urban intervention, I started painting in the street in 2008, when I shared a studio with the XLF Crew. They infected me with this passion and accepted me into their Crew; They taught me to deal with sprays, the law of the street and to share the good vibes of painting with friends, which is the most important thing. Although sometimes you have to separate a bit to develop your personal project. My work follows the current of "Magic Pessimism". I have to admit that the public's reaction matters a lot to me and I seek their approval with their smile. I have a motto: Revolution, humor and love.

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