Born in 1992
51100 Reims (France)
51100 Reims (France)

His artistic work is based on three pillars : the precision of the line, the use of flat colors, and the balance of forms. Although devoid of perspective like the aspective paintings of ancient Egypt, his compositions manage to capture a depth and dimension that seem to emerge from the imagination, offering a more intimate and introspective artistic expression. Wone's mural creations not only decorate urban spaces but also provide an immersive visual experience. Similar to pareidolia induced by a visual stimulus, the familiar forms he paints allow viewers to reinterpret the works in their own way, creating a unique dialogue between the artist and the audience. "Inspired by the innovative works of master painters such as Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Jérôme Bosch, and Pieter Brueghel, as well as the avant-garde of the cubist movement and the artistry of stained glass craftsmen, my artistic universe has gradually formed, blending dreamlike and colorful elements, patterns that are both organic and graphic, and familiar forms that suggest hidden depths. Whether in my studio creations or urban landscape interventions, there is a purpose: to take the beholder on a journey of discovery."

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