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A brief history

Street Art Cities started in 2016 as a small attempt to create an online map to help out two street art hunters in Heerlen and Antwerp hunt more effectively in their cities. A year after launching those two websites, we decided to open up the platform for any other hunters that possibly might be interested. Anyone could fill in a form and get their own website.

We didn't expect that it would get this big. Within a few months, we had dozens of cities on our platform. That was the moment we realised we should start taking this seriously. A few months later we launched the first version of our app, and since then we've seen explosive growth in the number of hunters, artists, cities, app users and partners that have joined the platform.

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Want to talk?

Please hit us up with cool questions or schedule a short skype call with one of our team members. Also don't forget to follow our progress on Instagram.

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