Created on March 30, 2021
Kurkowa 34, Wrocław, Polska
Mural at the building III Liceum (possible to look at the fence).
There is Adam Mickiewicz on the first floor with his thumbs placed in the inscription "LO III", and behind him there are two school buildings, in which the last year in Wroclaw was the "trio". Wrocław's bridges symbolize the union of the tribes, and the laths woven into the river often show the history of school on the body of the passing time.

The wall is made of smog-colored paints, which is certainly a consideration of the immediate vicinity of sports fields, and also the location of the schools in the Wrocław residential district, which is dominated by stareaf.
Maciej Konopka—UntitledMaciej Konopka—Untitled

Hunted by Teresa Radek. Pictures by Teresa Radek, on instagram: @teresa_radek.