Created on July 24, 2023
Butter Factory Lane, Whangārei 0110, New Zealand


In January 2019, some of the worlds best street artists transformed some grey city walls into colourful masterpieces as part of the Street Prints Manaia, International Art Festival. 15 incredible murals based on the theme “Tui ate muka Tangata – Weaving the Thread of Humanity”. 
The "Manaia" artwork was produced by Mateus Bailon from São Paulo, Brazil. The name is shared with Mount Manaia, a prominent maunga (mountain) overlooking Whangarei harbour and the surrounding district. Bailon's work looks for ways to connect people and nature, including his own fantastic creatures.
 The Manaia is a mythological creature in Maori culture, depicted here in Bailon's mural. It is also a common motif in traditional artforms including carving and jewellery. With a bird's head, fish's tail and man's body, the Manaia is thought to be the messenger between mortals and spirits. It may also be shown as a serpent with its symbol used to protect against evil. 
Mateus Bailon—ManaiaMateus Bailon—Manaia
Hunted by Keren Harris.
Pictures by Keren Harris.

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