Created on December 29, 2023
50 Riverside Drive, Riverside, Whangārei 0112, New Zealand

Hatea Loop

Located at the end of Riverside Park.

In addition to the Tui mural located Otaika shops, Whangarei District Council-commissioned this mural for the popular Hatea Loop walkway. The work created two new celebrities in Olivia Moore, 3, and Meao Pokoina, 5.

Artist Earnest Bradley said the mural's premise was an imaginary unrequited childhood romance between the two, who he photographed separately before "photocopying" their likeness on to the wall with fellow artist Victor Te Paa. "She's got a bit of a crush, but he's too into his GI Joes. It's cool to put a bit of a story and some emotion into the wall," Mr Bradley said.

Meao's dad Quincey Pokoina said the mural would be "a cool thing to show him on his 21st". Olivia's mum Jade said it was "awesome" to have her daughter becoming a familiar face.

WDC landscape architect Tracey Moore said the mural was part of a mission to brighten up the city. She encouraged private landlords to get in on the act. "We really want to embrace having local art around. There's a lot of buildings that could do with improvement and [council] can only do some parts."

Earnest Bradley, Tawck GBAK—Hatea LoopEarnest Bradley, Tawck GBAK—Hatea LoopEarnest Bradley, Tawck GBAK—Hatea LoopEarnest Bradley, Tawck GBAK—Hatea Loop
Hunted by Keren Harris.
Pictures by Keren Harris.

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