Created on March 16, 2024
C/ del Cabrit, 4, Ciutat Vella, 46003 València, Valencia, Spain



la_so0mbra represent the dark side of each person. When you see it, it is actually your shadow reflected.

Green is the color of poison impregnated in an intoxicated society.

Where many eyes see, but no one says anything, it makes The Shadow have no mouth.

It is a minimalist representation of a complex concept, very colorful and simple to understand, prepared for all the people of the world.

la_so0mbra aims to be part of people's lives. In fact, children love it. And it's subject to be intervened by whoever wants, as people add things or drawings to it because it naturally invites people to interact with it.

It is intended to be more of a game and a movement than a simple painting.

In this case, la_so0mbra is making the "Ofrena" to the falleras next to it.

— la_so0mbra— la_so0mbra
Hunted by Wrathian.
Pictures by Wrathian.

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