Created on March 16, 2020
Carrer de Palomar, 5, 46001 València, Valencia, España
Note about the author: Julia Silla is the real name of this valencian artist of Street art, Julieta. Member of the Valencian urban art group XLF (usually she signs her artworks as Julieta XLF), her iconography has a marked childish character close to oriental art, with influences from Japanese kawaii. Her murals are starring girls with closed eyes with oriental features that seems to sleep. Their attitudes hide perplexity and sensitivity, and their dreams represented in the mural seem to come true, often represented with birds and plant forms. They try to convey hope and claim aspects such as color, nature and joy. The extraordinary color of his works is one of her most particular characteristics.
Julieta Xlf—UntitledJulieta Xlf—Untitled
Hunted by Luís de Manuel -Art urbà València.
Pictures by Lluís de Manuel.

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