Created on November 29, 2019
Carrer de Maldonado, 39, 46001 València, Valencia, España


Note about the author: Cere is a urban artist born in the city of Burgos, with a current residence in Valencia. His name is Miguel Maestro CEREzo.
Its walls show a very symbolic graphic language, of double readings in which the viewer has to guess the different interpretations. Its main references are El Roto and Pablo Amargo, the sculptures of Isidro Ferrer and the proportions and details of Ron Mueck. Also admire the surrealism of Dalí or Topor. And with all those influences plus those of his friends writers and painters, he tries to paint where he goes trying to integrate it into the context of the street and the situation.


Hunted by Luís de Manuel -Art urbà València. Pictures by Lluís de Manuel.