Created on May 5, 2022
Via Ca' Amata, 1, 31039 Vallà TV, Italië


The work intends to accompany an ethical and environmentalist poetic with a reminder to the current current situation of some insights from Pier Paolo Pasolini. Perennially in conflict with the consumer society and with power, Pasolini wrote about how the ancient values of the farmer’s world had been transformed by the homologation of the rampant neocapitalist economy, with the television in his head. 
Playing serious impact on the environment and on the individual. Predicting a dystopian future, he had defined the dictatorship of the market and consumption, which generates poverty, consensus and at the same time frustrated anger, as «the most repressive totalitarianism I have ever seen». What would he say today, if he could, about the invasion and persuasion of the web? Is it still possible to make a different choice?
The female figure is a very young contemporary farmer/farmer (more and more in recent years) who has chosen the roughness of rural life as an act of rebellion recognizing the benefits of investing this new one form of freedom, with the awareness of a deep culture. That's why in his new journey even the book becomes a basic luggage.

supported by  'The Wallà collective '
Vera Bugatti (IT)—L'OstinazioneVera Bugatti (IT)—L'Ostinazione

Hunted by Tim Marschang. Pictures by provided by the artist.

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