Created on January 15, 2021
1 Place des Arts, 31700 Blagnac, Frankrijk

Jeune Marianne

A few months ago, the town hall of Blagnac launched a call for projects which aimed to defend republican values ​​in the form of a visual work, and thus redecorate the old entrance to the Town Hall.
Until now, there was written the motto of the French Republic, "Liberté, Équalité, Fraternité".  Following an artistic consultation citizen, the Blagnacais chose this work, representing a Marianne with a childface.  An approach that is part of the "Blagnac mur-murs" project, in collaboration with the school of urban arts, Aérochrome, and the Cisart collective.
Meaning: This painting brings a new and different artistic look at democracy and the Republic. This painting represents a younger Marianne with the colors of the French flag. Other characters, multigenerational, are represented on this wall, to symbolize the construction of the future and the Republic together.
Méro—Jeune MarianneMéro—Jeune MarianneMéro—Jeune Marianne

Hunted by Tim Marschang.

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