Created on October 8, 2019
13 Impasse du Recteur Gheusi, 31100 Toulouse, France

Mysteries of In Utero Propagation

The Brazilian artist Heitor Corrêa illustrated on a 6mX14m wall in the Arch building of the Jean Jeaurès University (Toulouse, France) the thesis of a PhD student about the cytomegalovirus propagation in the human uterus in the frame of the project "My Thesis on a Wall".  The stork represents maternity and fertility. In the left eye of the stork you can notice a fetus. Finally, the snake stands for the virus as well as the antidote, just like a vaccine contains the virus that it fights against.
You can see more of Heitor's works here: https://www.instagram.com/heitorcorreaart/
Heitor Corrêa—Mysteries of In Utero PropagationHeitor Corrêa—Mysteries of In Utero Propagation

Hunted by Transylvanian Girl. Pictures by Transylvanian Girl.